Transfigure Tuesday: Cover Songs I’ve Discovered This Week

…what?? I had to find a word that kinda meant ‘Redo’ that also started with T…like, as in cover songs…as in the musician TRANSFIGURED the song!  Good?  Did I succeed?

As with my album covers on Friday (which stuck…let’s see if this one does) I seek out covers here…for better or worse…and share them!  My goal is to challenge you to see past your inner-hater and maybe even see the good in some of these tracks.  In some cases, it should be easy…because they’re awesome.  In others, it may be more difficult.

The end result…hopefully you don’t write any spiteful comments to me here, or bitch slap me next time we meet on the street!  LET’S GO!

Morgan Page – Strange Condition (originally by Pete Yorn)

Sent my way after a request for ‘New Dance Covers of Older Songs by Female Artists’ went unheard for about 24 hours (thanks Dakk!)  The song is originally by Pete Yorn (original below) and one of my faves.  What do you think??

Hanson – Optimistic (originally by Radiohead)

Before you throw darts and pour hot oil give it a listen.  I think it’s pretty well done.  You can strongly believe it’s far far inferior to Radiohead, but don’t go bashin’ the Hanson boys for tackling the track. Original below:

The Punch Brothers – Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box (Originally by Radiohead)

Let’s continue the Radiohead trend!  Another awesome live version cleverly arranged for…live performance!  Another band tackles an experimental Radiohead track.  They do good?  Nice mandolin, eh?  Original below (live for better comparison??):

So…what did you think?


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