Reviews: Hannah Georgas, Take Me To The Pilot

So, here is my first review blog.  Remember, I’m not a reviewer: I’m a music lover.  But, if it helps you discover a new band or appreciate something you might not have, I’ll take a bit of the credit.  The rest should probably go to the artist themselves, though…not probably…must!  I’ll start with a PDQ (pretty damned quick) synopsis, and then ramble!

For those who I promised an R.E.M. review…I’m giving the album another day or two to sink in…it’s had less play than these two so I don’t want to mistreat it.  HERE WE GO!

Hannah Georgas – This Is Good

PDQ: Songwriting greatness from a unique voice!

I saw this lady at the Indies…and then again at the Juno Block Party.  The second time, I had her CD sitting in my pocket, literally the first CD I have purchased at HMV since…well, since I can remember! I’m pretty sure Sam’s was still around, though.

That is the second time I’ve featured that video in this blog.  The song is that good.

The album is great from beginning to end.  Hannah is playful, sounding folky one second, poppy the next, and…circusy?!  Surprising!  Which is great to have from a songwriter rather than expected or typical.  She caught me off guard the same way that Aimee Mann does each time I hear one of her new tracks.  There’s a distinct sound, but no carbon copies.

Chit-Chat, Bang Bang You’re Dead and The Deep End are standouts for me, though I only choose those because I think I’ve listened to them ‘slightly’ more often than the rest.

…the album title is accurate…that’s all I really needed to say!  It is good.

Take Me To The Pilot – Take Me To The Pilot EP

PDQ: Catch Winnipeg Pop-Punk quartet has a lot to say and the skill to say it!

Fair warning, I’m working their new video.  But I have no cut of the pie as I’m an intern, so I can be pretty fair and balanced (the real kind of F&B).  Here goes!

This new Winnipeg quartet caught my attention awhile back when my co-worker played ‘Call the Cops’ over and over again…I guess while deciding if we should work with them or not.  Subconsciously, I began to think I recognized the band and song, mainly because it was so catchy.  If I were to do the traditional “X meets Y” thing I’d probably take a dash of Get Up Kids, a pinch of All-American Rejects, a splash of the Wombats and maybe even cook them in a cast-iron pan seasoned with Crash Test Dummies.  Yes…I’m cooking them.  That’s how I roll.

‘Call the Cops’ is by far the standout track…but that doesn’t take from my two other faves, ‘Green Eyes’ (a sweet sweet ballad that actually made me a bit teary near the end the first time I heard it) and ‘I Was Alive for 15 Days in the 80s’…which better be the second single, and I’d better get to hang out while they film the video!!

My prediction is that in 12 months we’ll be hearing about these guys the same way Sum 41, Simple Plan and other Canadian pop-punkers took the country (…and the US…too much?) by storm.  I’m also really looking forward to a full length album!

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Comments, questions and concerns are appreciated!! After Album Cover Friday tomorrow I’ll get the R.E.M. review online!


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