Awesome Album Cover Friday: Jandek

OK, I’m shaking it up a bit this week.  I’ve decided to choose the albums by an artist who managed to maintain an honest to goodness mysticism about himself for decades.  Jandek…yup, I’m goin there! Before going online to read up about this guy, I highly suggest you try to watch the movie Jandek on Corwood.  The events which have happened ‘since’ that documentary kind of kill the point. On to the strangeness…

The only thing ANYONE knew about Jandek for decades came from the music…and the album covers.  There was a mystical Spin Magazine interview in the 80s, and a woman who claimed to have met him at one point, but otherwise…nada.  And that is why I decided to focus on Jandek here.  This won’t be a shining pile of super-art like some previous album cover collections I’ve presented.  This one is more about genius in simplicity over dozens and dozens and dozens of albums.  I have hand-selected my favourite, and present them in chronological order, including the dates of release in the picture notes.

Jandek (originally The Units) – Ready for the House (1978)
Six and Six (1981)
Later On (1981) Note: he often released more than one a year
Chair Beside A Window (1982)
The Rocks Crumble (1983)
Nine-Thirty (1985)

I’ll interrupt here to remind you…there was no biographical information, there was not even anything more than a track listing, a photograph, and an address to request a discography and make orders…I continue!  At this point we’re 7 years in, he’s made ten albums.

Foreign Keys (1985) Note: My favourite!

Follow Your Footsteps (1986)

Blue Corpse (1987)

The Living End (1989)

Somebody In The Snow (1990) Note: His 19th album since 1978

One Foot In The North (1991)

Lost Cause (1992) Note: Some people consider this album the break from his 'Early' phase...yah, you probably never heard of him, but people have broken his music down into phases!

Graven Image (1994)

White Box Requiem (1996)

Put My Dream On This Planet (2000) Note: His 29th Album

This Narrow Road (2001)

I Threw You Away (2002) Note: This photo was taken in Cork, Ireland...a break from his previous covers...mystery confounds Jandek fans...was he in England now?!

Now, jump to 2009…his most recent release…

Not Hunting For Meaning (2009)

The crazy thing about all of this is I haven’t even talked about his music, and almost don’t have to.  It’s the kind of stuff only me and a handful of broken music-lovers can appreciate.  The reason I was drawn to Jandek in the first place wasn’t his music but these album covers, the mystery.  Again, I highly suggest you grab a hold of that documentary and give it a listen, and pay no attention to information about Jandek post 2003 until you have.  You’ll thank me later.

Anywhoo, I’m hoping to flip through an old Spin Magazine from 1993 this weekend and perhaps I’ll find some gems for you!  Also, I’m going to a Miami Horror show tonight so maybe I’ll have a show review!  Booyah? 🙂


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4 Responses to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: Jandek”

  1. Ger Gilmore Says:

    Cork, is actually a city in the Republic of Ireland. Not in UK.

    For the record.

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