One Song, One Blog, One Thought – Monday, April 11

Booyah! So…let’s see if I can get something organized.  Let’s keep Monday simple because it’s hard enough as it is…am I right?  Am I right, people?

I’ll give you one song to enjoy, link you to one blog I like to read on the subject of music or something interesting, and one thought to peruse for your day.  Sound fair?  I hope so!

SONG: Bulletproof by La Roux, covered by The Boat People

Bulletproof…hell, everything by La Roux…was on my playlist in 2010.  Also on my radar is Triple J’s amazing ‘Like A Version’ series that pairs musicians with other people’s songs and has them perform it live.

Such gems as Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love,’ Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’ and Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ have been given the acoustic live treatment.  Here, The Boat People attack a throwback-synth pop delight!

Blog: Moon Vs. The World

Jay (linked above) has some great insight into music and (like another favourite, Sound In My Memory, which will likely get the feature treatment next week) a cruel sense of musical humour that I enjoy and try to inflict here Under The Pink as well!  Check out his recent blog on Bad Covers of Bad Songs, and read back through his past posts.  Plus, he’s an Ontario boy so big ups!  A must for music lovers!


Procrastination is fun but eventually sucks.  It’s hard to think of ‘future you‘ when ‘right now you‘ is having so much fun doing nothing, but…at least ONCE a week I highly suggest you take time and visit future you.  Especially if you have a few hours to spare.  Because if you’re like me…you’ll probably jump off your couch, brush off the chip crumbs, and scream HOLY CRAPOLA as you rush to get stuff done that you should’ve done before the year turned over.


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2 Responses to “One Song, One Blog, One Thought – Monday, April 11”

  1. Jay Moon Says:

    Thanks, Roo! I’m honoured to get a mention on the Pink!

  2. Donna Fullman Says:

    This is great. I particularly like HOLY CRAPOLA – can I use that?!
    Thanks also to Jay Moon – which is how I found you Roo…

    Be good. Future you.

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