Music To Start The Morning By


Just before the alarm clock... (Alan Pederson - Photo)

I saw a tweet flit by yesterday where someone suggested that dubstep is the best way to start your morning.  My opinion on the genre aside (…I don’t ‘hate’ it…I just don’t ‘get’ it…and I don’t know if I want to musically start my day slowly twitching through audio-syrup) it got me thinking: what is the best music to wake up to?

Years ago, that music was chosen for me by the music directors at whatever radio station I had my alarm clock set to. I have since changed the alarm to a beep, although I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a neato iPod (digital music player if you dislike brand awareness) alarm clock, and choosing the music I hear when I jump out of bed.  Otherwise, I have to do the annoying manual task of *sigh* walking to a music-making-thingy and pressing play.

The other morning, I started my day with this:

Kind of classic, actually.  For years I would put on something pumping to get the blood…erm…pumping.  Dance music, high energy rock, electro and pop!  That’s one choice at least.  The question is: do you want to start your day the way you start your weekend?  Assuming you listen to loud dance music on the weekend.

Once in awhile…this just makes me anxious.  Maybe you prefer this:

The soft start.  I admit that I chose this song because I like it now and I can foresee a morning starting with it in the future.  But I have started my days with something gentler, like that track, if it was needed…ease into the day, offer up reflection time or savour a coffee while sitting outside.

The downside…soft music can turn depressing real fast unless you’re careful.  Or put you back to sleep.  I highly suggest you avoid anything by a soft-folk artist on your alarm clock.

I heard RadioLab (…yes, I’m pushing it again, I’m a whore!) talk about the concept of priming.  Like…if you like warm coffee, before going into a craptastic meeting prime yourself with a warm coffee and it’ll feel much nicer.  If you hate ice cold water first thing in the morning…don’t guzzle a glass before heading to work. Priming!

The same totally happens with music.  What if you start your day with this:

I guarantee if you were alive in the late 80s, early 90s…even if you find the song annoying…you’ll feel pretty good.  Or choose another overly happy song, one that you like to sing or move to.  Love Shack?  Come On Eileen?  I’m Too Sexy?  Even comedy like Weird Al?

What about this?

I LOVE Sunny Day Real Estate.  They pump me up.  But I’m not sure if my Sunny Day days started off well.  I remember a lot of ‘world against me‘ thoughts, introspection and deep thought. But…sometimes that’s the fuel you need!  The Cure?  Interpol?  Linkin Park?  This kind of music might be more in tune with you than, say, the Black Eyed Peas.

Whether to pump you, or prime you, I personally feel that music can be more than just background…hell, that it ‘is’ more than background, even if you don’t know it.  If you’re a music lover…why not take fifteen seconds in the morning and actually think “What kind of day do I want to have?”

Maybe music can get you started!

What kinds of music do you prefer to start your day?  Is there something that works well for you?  I wanna give it a try myself, so pass it on please!!


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One Response to “Music To Start The Morning By”

  1. Rob Says:

    I love that song by The Civil Wars. So beautiful.
    Great choice.

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