Awesome Album Cover Friday: Monsters!

By request, the theme this week is monsters!  I like monsters.  I think many of them are as cute and cuddly as the ones on kid’s shows: Predator, alien from ‘Alien,’ the guys in District 9.  Adorable!  Of course, those are all aliens…let’s see what the ‘Monster’ category can bring us.  Though…I keep feeling like I’ve forgotten a really really popular album that had, like…something to do with monsters or some kind of monster…something that came out and sold lots of copies…hmmm…

My absolute favourite of the bunch!!

Nothing yet.  I’d ask you to help me remember that super famous album…like, kids today love it I’m pretty sure…but we’re existing in two different timelines right now, me being in the past and stuff.  I swear it must’ve sold at least a million copies…anyways, more album covers!

I don’t know what it is…I still feel like there’s a major omission right now.  Album?  Huge?  Popular?  Has ‘Monster’ right on the cover?!? Anyways, on with more!

Thought I had it for a second, but that wasn’t it.  Oh well.  There you have it!  Monsters are neat and come in all shapes and sizes…some tear you apart, some are big and green, some wear gas masks and some are just silly…

SILLY!  Now I remember that super famous album that had to do with monsters that sold a bunch of copies!!

Now I can rest.

Do you have a ‘monster’ album cover to share?  Toss a link in the comments!


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2 Responses to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: Monsters!”

  1. Hiker Says:

    The Almost Monster Monster cover fascinates me. I am almost sure I’ve the center monster somewhere… I know that I know that design but can’t quite recall where, like he was the heavy on some kids show in the 1980s that I *didn’t* obsess over…

  2. Hiker Says:

    Oh, crap, I figured it out.

    It reminds me of Murky Dismal from Rainbow Bright. I had to google his name because I remembered his face but nothing else, because yeah, that was one of the few shows I actively hated. 😀

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