It’s 2:00 am…and I’m listening to Nu Disco!

A short post, hopefully to find you in the morning and help brighten your day!

I’ve become fond of ‘nu disco‘ this week.  I think I’ve always been fond of the genre, I’ve just had bad luck with it…rapidfire explanation in 3…2…1…

  • I first noticed the genre on Beatport while looking for remixes of an indie song
  • I listened to the ‘Top Ten’ Nu Disco tracks at the time…they were all…boring
  • I associated the term ‘Nu Disco’ with, essentially, ‘Daft Punk Wannabe’
  • I began hearing awesome tracks in the genre-less space* and gave them the self-made title ‘Neo New Wave’
  • While bored, months later, I checked out a collection of nu disco tracks…they ALL sounded like my ‘neo new wave’ songs…some were even better!
  • I returned to the genre on Beatport…and either producers are better, or I had picked a bad week, because they RAWK!
I put recently reviewed Aussie darlings Miami Horror in a strange subset of nu disco after hearing more of it, except they perform it live with instruments…which gives them super-kudos in my books.
I especially enjoy tracks (like the one below) that trick you: it’s rap…and then it’s a cool disco sound with a modern produced twist:
Surprising music, whether it’s a simple beat switch or an unexpected chord change, is awesome.  I especially like music that draws from supernatural themes…doing so with a disco feel is hyper bonus:
One last track…play it loud to get yer groove on!
So there you go!  An unexpected genre is kicking my ass with fun-ness!  Have you discovered any new genres recently?  They’re being invented about as often as a song is mashed with another.
Here’s a fun challenge…could someone find me an ‘Alt-Dub-Disco’ track?!  Does that exist?!? Anyone who comes close gets…a prize…of some sort!!

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One Response to “It’s 2:00 am…and I’m listening to Nu Disco!”

  1. Mike Says:

    “Break the Rules” and “Filter Freak” do have that disco feel to them, but I didn’t really hear it in “Youth Blood” (not that it was a bad song… I liked it, but it sounded more like post-disco Pop right before the New Wave hit, à la 1981 … and I’m old enough to know).

    One evening about two months ago, I was possessed by a demon or something because I got the wild idea to listen to AM radio. No not FM radio, I said AM radio. Like, the only time in the last 20 years I listened to AM radio was driving through the boonies of northwest Canada at night and I was desperate for something to listen to, and the van Allen belts came to the rescue. Whoohoo! KIRO out of Seattle way up there near the BC-Yukon border!

    Anyway, while traveling up the dial, I was picking up stuff from Latin America (mostly interference and noise, but occasional Spanish words I could make out—mostly Christian evangelism), northern Mexico (staticky but understandable—Mexican pop and Christian evangelism) and next door in Dallas (clear as a bell—everything imaginable). Dallas stations were mostly talk, but then I heard something disco. “Oh cool! Disco!” … … …. “Uh, what the heck are these lyrics? Sounds like gospel.”

    And it was. It was gospel disco. There was eventually a station break where they actually said so. I was like, all … !!!

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