One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, April 18th

Surprise! Remember Jordy?!? ...random...

Here’s today’s simple entry to start the week!

Song: Sebadoh – Soul and Fire

A band I missed when they were around…there was no internet and I was at the whim of my friends to discover new bands, and ‘what was cool’ was Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and other grungy acts.  I had discovered Frank Black, Gandharvas, and a few awesome bands by myself…but somehow Sebadoh never hit my radar.  This morning, they hit my radar hard with this song…precursor to emo perhaps?

Blog: Sound In My Memory

With a love for music, and good music at that, and great writing to keep me interested, Sound in my Memory was the first blog that really connected with me.  Like last week’s blog o’ the week, Rob seems to have his finger on a similar pulse as I do, but is different enough that I don’t feel like we’re writing about the same things.  His ‘Five for Friday’ and ‘Song of the Week’ entries are always awesome!  Don’t miss out!


People aren’t as pigeon-holed as we think they are.  I’ve said this before, but it can stand to be repeated: very few people are dedicated to only one genre of music.  Hip hop fans will listen to punk, metal fans will listen to country, electronic fans will listen to folk.  At a show this weekend an acoustic solo artist opened for a 12 year old white rapper who opened for a pop punk act…in Brantford, Ontario.  I wouldn’t say the place was packed, but it worked.  The pop punk band and fans were enraptured by the rapper, the opening act brought the rapper on stage to do a song together…everyone enjoyed what they saw.

I’m curious to see how the mega concerts will do this summer.  I’m a firm believer that people are keen to see Eminem and Mumford and Sons in the same weekend, and that fans will be satisfied.  It would be even better if this led to a new approach to broadcasting music…that execs would recognize that a radio station can be more diverse than ‘Top 40 Pop’ or ‘Active Rock.’  Or that a band that blends genres can be as popular as one who sticks to the script.

More often than not I’m unsurprised by what big studios (music, film, television) have to offer.  It’s time for a studio to surprise us…sign that ‘folk-hop’ act and push for airplay.  Let’s shake things up!


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