List of Goals

I made a list of goals yesterday.  I won’t list them all here…I might as well tell you what I wished the last time I blew out birthday cake candles (…so…much fire…)  But I did include a very simple goal:

Record Five New Songs

Not record an album…not ‘record music.’  Something I know I can do in 2011.  Write and record five…new…songs.

My goals as a songwriter in the last few years have been too lofty.  I’ll look at a three month period and expect I’ll have a five-song EP by Day 90…and am confused that there’s nothing down even by Day 91!  Or I’ll say “Write some stuff.”  Too much…or too vague…

When I was in University I managed to have a brief e-mail conversation with the Chin…Bruce Campbell.  I was going into acting and asked him what he thought, and he came back to me with this:

Take five years.  Work your ass off during those five years, do everything you can to be an actor.  If at the end of five years you’re nowhere closer than you were at the start…move on.

As an actor I moved on…probably because the passion dissipated once I moved to Toronto.  As a musician, I think the interest will always be there, but the drive to be ‘super successful’ is being replaced with ‘write good stuff.’

So…that’s my goal.  Write and record five songs.  I’ll keep ya updated!


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2 Responses to “List of Goals”

  1. Jay Moon Says:

    Five songs? Have ’em on my desk by the end of next week. : )

    No pressure, but I am looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

  2. Rob Says:

    I am terrible at goal setting. Well, I can make ’em, but keeping them…ugh
    Best of luck to you Roo!

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