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Intelligence is relative, right?  Have you ever been intelligently-mindblown?  Like, something you never really understood, or paid attention to, suddenly with a sentence or a quick discussion or a blog or something..it all .becomes clear! *BOOSH*

Creativity is the same…like, why didn’t anyone ever tell me that Beck’s ‘The Information’ is such a great album?!

I was listening to a podcast, Planet Money by NPR, discussing the collapse of Icelandic banks in 2009.  (Thanks, Roo! fascinating stuff for a music blog.)  But it blew my mind…in describing how Iceland ran out of dollar bills, and how that made it hard to pay off foreign debts.

…I never really understand how the global financial system works, how dollars and kronas and rupees and euros and all that crap bounced off each other resulting in change: one is stronger than the other or one is rising while the other falls.  But two minutes of that 20 minute podcast cleared the whole thing up…not in a way I could explain to you – I’m still financially stupid – but…it felt like my mind actually OPENED…

I hope this is a shared sensation…it’s nearly physical, as though the back of your head expands as you come to the realization that you just figured something out, that you understand something that previously seemed un-understandable. MINDBLOWY!

(please…if it’s not a shared sensation, let me know…I should see McDreamy and get meself fixed)

Yup...this is McDreamy in the 80s! *BOOSH*

I believe that’s why some people get addicted to school (professional students) or why someone becomes a PhD.  They’re addicted to mindblowy, and they love to deal it to others. That’s the intelligence side.

Musicians…they like the creative mindblowyness…again, addicted to musical discovery, to performance and sharing with the crowd, to the audience appreciation.  A ‘true’ artist loves the audience because the audience loves the music, and the artist who created the music gets residual love.

Thinking about musical creativity the same way we think about intelligence and understanding offers another perspective for the music lover to appreciate the music.  If it can make the Icelandic Monetary System far more fascinating, it’s gotta be good for music, right??

Watcha think?  You been mindblowy’d intelligently or creatively in the last week or so, or is there a mindblowy experience you’d like to share?  Then…please do!


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