One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, April 25th 2011

SONG: Bliss N Eso – Eye of the Storm

I love Aussie hip hop.  This is one of my faves…especially since the beat is taken from another awesome act from down under, Angus and Julia Stone.  The whole feel of the track, the flow, the lyrics…it’s smooth, folk-rap!

BLOG: NPR’s Planet Money

Yah I know…Music Blog, not Money Blog…but I believe that everything we can learn interacts with everything else.  Planet Money is a blog and podcast that opens my eyes to concepts that alter my life and are all around but that I’ve never understood.  The concept: a podcast and blog that explains the complex financial world – especially in a time when we need to understand it – in a way that’s not insulting but not over our heads.  Give it a shot!


Do I love my iMac because of it’s post-it note friendly design?  I swear it was made for me to use this way, which is how I organize my life.  Moving my computer is a BIZZITCH because it means trying to move the post-its as well without them falling off.

Sure, there are digital stickies and to-do and organization programs I could use…but none of that has ever been as productive as a row of haphazard sticky coloured papers.

Maybe I need to cut the cord…though, if my computer explodes, I’m better off than someone who’s living entirely through their iCal.  Until this ‘Cloud‘ thing is working perfectly I’m stickin’ with post-its!

…great thought, Roo…very inspiring…can’t wait till next week…


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