Music for Moving

Don't ask me...I don't know why I chose this picture...

I’m moving!  Not out of the T. Dot, just…elsewhere in the beast.  Which means there will be music in my future: packing, unpacking, painting, rearranging.  These all requires a steady stream of music pumping from speakers at all times.

FACT: last night we were painting one of the rooms and realized an hour in that we hadn’t played music.  It felt off, weird…but ALAS we had no boombox, high-fidelity cassette machine or gramophone! In the end, we filled the silence with an iPhone.  It was enough.  We listened to La Roux.

Music permeates our lives now.  For those (like me) who understand what permeate ‘means’ but may not know the literal definition, here it is: to flow throughout.  And that’s apt.  Music flows throughout our lives now.  It’s everywhere!

Example: not long ago, I walked into my favourite coffee shop (PLUG: Sense Appeal at 96 Spadina in Toronto, I get the press but try the Americano! Plus the website rocks) and it felt really really weird.  I got my coffee…the same staffers were there…what gives?

…oh…no music.

I used to work at a diner…no music meant everything felt off, askew…alien!

It’s not instantly apparent.  It’s not like when you walk into a room and the lights aren’t on.  You don’t think “Now…what’s all this then?” as you walk into a chair.  You turn on the light!  But when you walk into a store and there’s no music, it can be jarring.  It’s like a disorder.  A ‘Music-Silence Disorder!’

Sidenote: with all this music playing everywhere at all times you’d think that more talented and unique musicians would be getting exposure…but I digress.

So an iPod speaker system and a dozen other sound-makers will be coming with us for the next round of house work…I will not paint in silence again!

Another interesting aspect of this process is Music ‘from’ Moving…and I don’t mean old fashioned work songs, but discoveries.  I’ve unearthed the old ‘Turntable/Cassette/CD’ I bought from Zellers back in like…1995!  I’ve also found some cassettes, some CDs that were purchased and misplaced, even vinyl that’s been out in the open for years yet not…visible!

The ‘music’ and ‘moving’ phenomenon (do dooo do-do-do) is somewhat unique, I believe.  You can’t read a book while painting (…you can listen to one, I suppose.)  Watching a movie while unpacking is possible but distracting.  I suppose you can admire a painting, but that draws attention away from the process.

Music can be present while you work, while you socialize, shop, think…pretty much anytime.  And there’s a crazy amount of time available to listen…your commute, walking (thank you, Walkman), office, garage, party…office garage party (awesome!)

Where was I?

Moving!  I’m moving!  With lots of time to listen to music and contemplate the lack thereof.  Gah, I feel a crapload of bloggity blogs coming on! 😉

Do you have any stories of ‘Music-Silence Disorder.’  Any examples of where music isn’t a good thing?  Lemme know!

Coming up…Awesome Album Cover Friday…and also, some CD reviews including my quite tardy review of REM’s new album, and an indie: Donna Fullman’s ‘happiness + victory’


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