My Morning


That’s me…looking out on the day with pinkish wonder! Also…publishing from my phone!!

Woke up early, listened to the Pixies, learning about Icelandic history, in downtown Toronto for a vocal lesson.

Ah yea, that was the point: history.

Oh, and vocal lessons. But also history!

Betcha didn’t know I have a history degree as well as a theatre degree! Yup yup, and I’m starting to think putting it to use here might be a good idea.

Not rehashing old news history (Yahyah, Tin Pan Alley, Elvis, the Beatles, blah blah blah) but band history, artist history, regional music history. There’s always a great story behind every song, bar or band. I ‘have’ the technology. Why not use it?!

And the vocal lessons…there’s a plan in the works to create some simple vocal tips, tricks and exercise vlogs with the fellah who’s giving me lessons so I’ll keep you updated!

Is there anything relating to music history you’d like to see a blog or series of blogs covering?

Want to learn some vocal tricks?

Interested in the long and (meticulously) recorded history of Iceland?

…maybe not that last one, but let me know about the other two!!!


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