I could have easily titled this as ‘Lost Ideas’ or ‘Lost Songs.’  Substitute that if my title is too silly or odd.

In high school some friends and I created a new nation, and we called that nation Frugalia.  You know, I don’t think it was even because the nation was frugal in our strange brain-thoughts, or that it had any purpose other than the fact that it sounded neat.

We came up with geography (it was surrounded by water but had no lakes or rivers), politics (Dick Clark and Elizabeth Taylor were born there, and also served as king and queen), and an anthem:

Frugalia, Frugalia

You are so fresh and clean

With water all around you, you have none in between

Frugalia, Frugalia

The water shimmer sheens

Sitting in our hovels we have Dick and Liz as queen

Oh Frugalia, Frugalia


…my first Billboard hit, gone to waste!

All of this came to mind the other day…for no reason.  It just burst onto the scene: I heard the song, remembered that we had created our own alphabet, that Tim and I had characters (their names are written in one of my notebooks somewhere) who talked in throaty ‘Kermit’-like croaks and were the nation’s representatives, existing almost entirely in the portable at school.  Vivid…a memory that had no catalyst but was there anyways.

And that got me thinking…how many other creative ‘projects’ have I had, embraced, immersed myself in, gave my heart and soul, and then faded from as something else came up?  How many songs did I know would be amazing but never made it to tape?  How many million-dollar ideas come and go, and how do we know which ones to stick with and work on?

Obviously I’ve never really stuck with a million-dollar idea…not yet, anyways.  Some great work has happened (Brillohead, ‘Skate It Off, Bobby,’ Ignorance Deserves Death, and about half-a-dozen other things you’ve never heard before!) but any one of these ideas or songs could have been my ‘ticket.’  What went wrong?

Or what went right?  One way to think of it is that each creative moment is a stepping stone to the next.  Ironically, I cite my crazy little mini-projects – from webisodes for camp to giving a strange dog on the street a voiceover as it runs around sniffing things – as the driving force behind the work I do with artists and music marketing.

It’s like sharpening a saw…trial and error without needing to lose craploads of cash and time, OR if you did lose some dough and hours out of your life you built up the know-how to do it better the next time.

Frugalia was one of many lost ideas that weren’t really lost…they were just filed away as memories or experiences, to be drawn from later.  I shouldn’t get upset that I’ve filed soooo many ideas.  Rather, just assume that they’re being used and re-used, over and over again…they just doesn’t look the same anymore because I’ve mashed them up with my other ideas, songs, and projects.

Maybe, one day…I’ll record the Frugalian National Anthem.

Lost ideas, lost songs, creation from my past…record a new version of The anthem!


One Response to “Frugalia”

  1. mike5816 Says:

    ROFL. I can’t tell you how entertaining that was for me to read about Frugalia. I, myself, spent many countless years of my young life engaged in the creation of fantasy worlds in my own mind, complete with maps and flags and governments and their own alphabets (although the alphabets were usually initiated as means of writing things down in school such that the teacher or classmates couldn’t read, but then were imported into geofantasy. The one real alphabet I created in 10th grade I can still write in today, about as fast as I can write in print; it has no cursive form, anyway. Last year, during a particularly boring meeting with company vice-presidents blowing lots of hot air up our ass, I pretended to take notes and instead was writing vile and nasty things about them—in my secret alphabet, of course, lest I get fired. Unlike you, however, I never engaged in these pursuits with others. I have, however, in the past five years floated the idea of forming a formal on-line micronation, with the intent of organically producing a government and pseudo-economy based not entirely on me, but with me as the guide for the process since I’ve done it so many times in my head already. In my economic geography class in college, we had a weeks-long group project where we had to develop a fake country with and economy based on real factors, and also had to develop a society and government to go with it to keep the country from falling apart into secessionist anarchy. This was the only time I wrote an anthem, and I wrote it specifically in bastardized Latin since nobody understands that language, and I was assigned a region with three language groups that didn’t like each other (Belgium anyone?). The two of us that got the highest grades coincidentally had the country producing beer as a means of keeping things together. HaHa (One group grows the grains, one group makes the bottles, another brews it and markets it, all need one another for a successful export.) Alas, within the dusty recesses of my mind are all the lost and largely forgotten places that once existed in my cerebral cortex, but that are now sitting there, unfinished, lonely, and forelorn. And all this “unfinished business” of creativity weights on my subconscious like Jacob Marley’s chains. So, I feel for you…

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