One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, May 9th 2011

Do you get it? I'm being clever!

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SONG: Josh Pyke – Middle Of The Hill

Not a new song…he released his most recent album in 2008, and this was from his previous release, but still a great song in my books!  In school, I used this track as an example of a ‘well written song’ and the instructor agreed.  What do you think?

BLOG: Freakonomics

I still assert that, although this is a music blog and one hopefully about the creative process, reading about everything is going to help you along.  This blog, Freakonomics, still eludes me.  I’m confused because I grew up thinking economics was only about money…but they recently did a podcast about (turn away if you’re prone to fainting) ‘Fecal Transplants.’  I guess that’s why it’s ‘Freakonomics.’

It’s fascinating, thought-provoking, and entertaining.  If you like to expand your brain with something other than fantasy novels or psychadelics, I suggest you check out Freakonomics.  After you read this blog…head there and give it a shot!

…and then come back!  I’d like to think I’m fascinating, thought-provoking and entertaining too!  Right? …right?


Making lists is great.  Actually ticking items off of them is better.  Why, then, are the majority of lists I’ve started continuing to grow and grow?  I know I feel better getting things done…ESPECIALLY if those things mean a larger project will run more smoothly.  Am I dumb??

In University, a professor told me I had a 3/4 problem. (get the picture now???) They’d seen it before in actors, in directors, in creative types and it was something that I did all the time.  The basic idea is this: from the start of a project to the end I will not appear productive nor will I be of much worth until I hit the 3/4 mark.

In acting, I would struggle and look awkward on stage (giving the directors a heart attack) until about 6 weeks in (normally rehearsals went 8 weeks) when BOOM, out of nowhere I appeared to ‘get it‘ and suddenly I was stealing the stage.  Same went with directing, except I made the actors nervous.

I think I’ve carried this through into my projects: I mull over things, run them over in my brain, and…make lists…until about the 3/4 point of a project when it all comes together and I do the work needed to complete it.  It happens with summer camp, it happens with work projects, it happens everywhere.

…and that’s why I haven’t written any songs or recorded anything in the last couple of years.  Because to hit the 3/4 point, you need to have a deadline, an end point.  Otherwise it’s 3/4’s of infinity!

Long and the short: even in creative projects, set a deadline…it’ll probably help.


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One Response to “One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, May 9th 2011”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hmm, a 3/4 problem. Never heard that before, but I totally know people that fit that.
    Great song pick also!

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