The Music of the Summer!

I was shocked (initially) to learn that, according to radio and most broadcast mediums…it’s summer.  And has ‘been’ summer for awhile now.  Didn’t spring just start?!?

Regardless of the actual seasons, or the temperature outside, the system is set up that if you want a summer hit, you start seeding the fields now.

Some things are certain.  Lady Gaga’s Born This Way will be blasted at every Pride celebration across North America this summer.  That is a fact.  I am psychic…if I’m wrong, I will send you a giant alien egg.

Speaking of aliens, I expect Katy Parry’s ET…or her next single…to be a song of summer.  Why?  Because she’s kind of figured out how radio works better than many counterparts.  She has singles…lots of them.  Even her songs I disliked at the start I eventually grew to love: see ‘Teenage Dreams.’

Also…it’s everywhere.  I’m not talking radio…I’m talking chit chat.  Unless you’re in a bubble where your circle of friends only talk about the music they’ve discovered themselves (“…have you heard Kevin Ayers, it’s NUTSOID!”) someone has probably mentioned the song, the video, or at very least you heard it playing in your peripheral.  I knew about the song before I actually heard it, or saw the vid.

I’m talking a lot of pop here…well, that’s generally the sound of summer, right?  Pop has changed over the years…in the 80s ‘Honeymoon Suite‘ could easily be a sound of summer…the 90s in my circles Beck, the Pumpkins, even Alanis were the sound of summer.  For much of the 00s you had boybands, you had hip hop, occasionally a rock band would sneak in. Or a fake rock band…*cough* COLDPLAY *cough*


For 2011, I see a lot of collabs…pop stars with hip hop touches, even MORE pop with dubstep breakdowns, and I expect a band like AWOLNation to come out of the woodwork and capture our attentions, whether it’s in the mainstream or among hipster circles.  Rock ‘staying’ rock but incorporating deep bass…yah, I see that fo’ sho’.


I’m actually excited for this summer.  Specifically…who’s going to come out of nowhere with a song that everyone will hear, and everyone will know, and we can all battle over loving or hating it.  There’s gotta be someone.  It happens every summer.  Bruno Mars, anyone?  Ke$ha?  Hell, Gaga?

Even if they had songs out the previous fall, or a number one in spring, I always associate the breakout pop star with summer.  Maybe it’s just me.  My brain isn’t exactly screwed in right!

The main thing is…summer is when fun music takes over. It always lifts my spirits, regardless how vapid it is.  Some music commentators may be declaring the death of radio but…I suggest you give it a shot this summer.  Flip through, give the new songs a listen.  You might find something you like!


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