One Song, One Blog, One Thought: May 16, 2011

Get it?! Sink?? SINK??!?

SONG: Commerce by Broadwing

To listen please click the link above and play it in the player on the right of the page.  You’ll thank me for it.  One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, and all from an indie Aussie artist from Alice Springs.  Tender and beautiful keys and voice, very subtle ‘headphones’ trickery you shouldn’t miss.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from him! (ie. my new favourite ‘watch for’ artist!)

BLOG: Triple J Unearthed

Where Broadwing was discovered…new indie music every week, regularly updated blog and podcast. It’s Triple J, the music is always good!  Seriously…70% of my new favourite music comes from Triple J in one way or another!


I espouse the idea that ‘knowing more than just music’ as something every musician – or music industry enthusiast – should keep as a philosophy.  On one level, here’s why:

I’ve always known about crazy technological advances like ‘Syncing Calendars.’  You know…so your Google Calendar and desktop Calendar work together.  Or ‘To Do’ notes…essentially, ensuring that changes you make at home or on your phone also happen everywhere else: work, cottage, lair.  However, I never needed them: Saturday I’m going to a concert…next Thursday friends are coming over…remember to eat.  My life was not complicated.

Now that life is becoming more complicated I’m realizing the benefit of this kind of technological wonder.  Down the road I may get one of them fancy paid-for ‘Dropbox’ accounts that let me hold more than 2 GBs.  Evernote…I love it but don’t need the paid account…yet.

This is all techie but I believe it applies to everything.  Keeping up on potential services that will help you in the long run so you can use them when you NEED them is a good plan.  If you’re like ‘old’ me – serving liver and onions to the elderly five days a week and socializing on weekends – just keep a post-it note pad.  If you are juggling forty projects at once…in multiple fields…while also moving and running a summer camp, it’s good to know there are options out there to help!

…just a thought 🙂


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