The Music Industry Is(n’t) Dead!

A pop-piano artist played Hugh’s Room in Toronto last night…he has a new album out in June, an EP this Fall produced by a popular Canadian songwriter, and will be playing with an orchestra this summer during his cross-Canada tour.

A musician is trying to figure out which album she should release – her second solo album or the first album from her new side project – and has decided to film a video for each just to be sure.

A singer from a popular group in the 80s and 90s has a new album, is touring it through southern Ontario, and has revamped his entire social media world so it’s modern and consistent, along with new YouTube videos upcoming which he hopes will go viral.

A hip hop artist from Montreal is in Cuba shooting his second video, his first will be coming out in June and he hopes his catchy tune will make it to radio.

A new label is slowly germinating, already with over 12 artists signed including three well-known hip hop stars, a band from the 80s, and a prolific metal group.

A YouTube star, with nearly 10 Million views on her various cover songs, is recording a solo album of original work and she hopes she can cross over from cover-song sensation to serious and popular artist.

A pop-punk band just finished their third tour, has a video closing in on 10,000 views on YouTube, has a dedicated fan base, and a local radio station has said they think the song is a hit…they are taking a rest at home before going back on the road.

A musician just moved and has plans to get back into songwriting once his home studio is rebuilt and up and running.

Every day, bands and artists are playing in Toronto to crowds from 10 to 1,000, many of which you’ve never heard of and may never know.

And all this is happening virtually under the radar…and is just a fraction of what’s going on right now around one city in North America.

Hell…all of this is happening within ear shot of one person in one city in North America.

If the music industry is dead…no one got around to telling it.


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2 Responses to “The Music Industry Is(n’t) Dead!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    But by the same token, the music “industry” -is- in fact dead, or at least dying. So much of the up and coming artists and new YouTube stars are self-starters. They promoted themselves, they built their own little empires and stuck posters up and mastered their own albums on an iPad, and they’re running their own cottage music industry.

    The RIAA is looking for damages in excess of the entire GDP of the entire planet (and getting rightfully laughed out of court), and people are promoting themselves with cover songs on YouTube. Established bands are giving entire albums away (and they can afford to), because of their frustration with the music industry. It’s a brave new music industry!

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