One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Tuesday, May 24 2011

The May Two-Four weekend is over…ironically before the 24th.  I spent my weekend bouncing from one event to the next loosely, or not so loosely, connected by my best friend’s birthday, which was yesterday!  I’m bumping my normal Monday blog to today…because I am tired and cannot think…and this is my ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Man’ blog.

(…yes…I know I said ‘Man’ instead of ‘Mam.’  Insert gay comment here)

SONG: Angus and Julia Stone – Wasted

Love this song…it’s my favourite to sing to, it’s sweet and bitter (but not bitter sweet!)…these two are amazing and will hopefully take the world by storm in 2011!


One of my favourite music blogs in the WORLD!  This is the kind of music that FEEDS me.  I’m using CAPS a lot but it’s for a good reason…because I LOVE this blog.

Concept: Obscure, strange, bizarre, out of print…music that you’ve probably never heard, or perhaps you have but never on the radio.  Which is what makes the title so great…if ECR was a radio station, I’d listen daily.

I discovered Vyto B through ECR…I found the complete John Carpenter Soundtrack collection…old synthesized french library music…creepy british guys talking about sex over music…funky tracks.  It’s all strange, but all so fantastic

…and the bonus is you can download it and take it with you!  Give it a listen!  If you’re a music fan and love ALL sorts, it’s a cornucopia!


Taking from Egg City Radio…keep your music collections diverse.  This past weekend I listened to all sorts, sat in on a pop musician’s recording session while at the same time talking to a hip hop artist about his music…I played acoustic guitar and heard about some new unique neo-new wave artists.

If there’s one thing I want people to take away from this blog it’s that music is awesome even if it’s not to your taste.  For instance, “I listen to everything but rap and country” is commonly the response when I ask people what they like…what they really mean is “I listen to Rock” or “I listen to Pop.”  Even if it’s bad…outsider music, over-auto-tuned pop…it’s all good!!

Even the unappreciated can be appreciated if you give it a chance.  If you’re a musician, in the industry, or just a lover of music never let yourself get trapped listening to just one artist, one style, one era.  It’s much more fun to try everything once (ooooh, naughty!)

Are there any surprises you can tell me about?  A genre you hated until you were introduced to a specific artist, or an artist you never listened to until you heard an amazing single?  Tell me about it 🙂


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