One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Monday, May 30th 2011

The last few days have been crazy!  On Thursday, I was in Hamilton to shoot the Micah Barnes show at the Artword Theatre (piano pop cabaret!)  On Friday, I was in Liberty Village shooting video at Saukrates‘ photo shoot (Canadian hip hop legend.)  On Saturday, I was in Algonquin Park shooting footage for my geeky summer camp’s promo this year (…nerdy nerd nerds.)  On Sunday…erm…I drank beer in tall cans and watched a storm roll into town.

…OK…Sunday wasn’t so crazy.

Let’s get this simplified “Monday is too early in the week to think” blog rolling!


Hooray For Earth – True Loves from Young Replicant on Vimeo.

What a cool song and cool video 🙂  Give it a listen and tell me what you think.  I get this weird…organic collaboration feel from this band.  Definitely one to watch!

BLOG: Stereogum

An indie music blog that doesn’t make me feel like everything sucks *coughcoughPITCHFORKcough*

Honestly, if you wanna be kept up to date, even hear about projects that are heavily in the mainstream, on a stylish and well thought-out site…hit up Stereogum.


Ideas are awesome…but they’re MUCH better if they actually move forward and become a reality.  Personally, I need to put as much effort into following through with ideas as coming up with them.  My concept album (2006), my web comic (2002-2005) and my various video projects (20xx) all seem to get started but never go anywhere.  They’re great ideas…but an idea is only as good as how it’s used.

I’d elaborate, but I’m more interested in your thoughts…

What are your ways of following through with an awesome idea?  Do you just move naturally or try to come up with a plan?  Specifically with music…when you have a song, or an album concept, how do you move forward with it?


Sadly, one of the cooler music blogs is no more.  Moon Vs. The World’s writer Jay Moon is taking a break from the blog world.  He’s let me know that another site may pop up in the future, but until then it looks like we’re short one more planetary battle in the universe.


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