One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Tuesday, June 7th 2011

The first person to get the riddle of this picture and tell me in comments will get a free CD sent to them! What CD? Who knows! But it'll rock!!

Wheee hoo!  Did everyone have weird sleep last night?  I did.  I also had Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl I’m Gonna Miss You’ stuck in my head all night (coupled with a very cool re-imagining of the ‘Friday the 13th’ series, complete with original 1980s film grain and acting, and a strange long-legged bipedal wolf creature at the end…but I digress) …so, because sometimes life is cruel…you will now share my experience:

SONG: Milli Vanilli – Girl I’m Gonna Miss You


I know, weird, but when these songs came out they were HUGE!  Blame It On The RainGirl You Know It’s True…when these two guys were big it was crazy how much people were into them.  A friend and I actually started writing movie scripts (always wanted to be a screenwriter, I know right?!) based on titles of Milli Vanilli songs!  Guys, girls, everyone knew their music and bought the album in my hometown.  It’s interesting to think back at how music worked…and probably still works…when you get the right artist and the right songs…

…artist…I know, I know what you’re thinking.  I’m not even going to talk about the second half to this story (or the even sadder epilogue) because it’s been told and retold and joked about and poked at.  What I remember is the before time when there was this German duo (BEFORE the Berlin Wall came down, I should add) that had great voices and wrote great songs.  That’s what we believed, not because we were gullible or stupid,but because that was just how things were.

The record industry is SOOO different now.  This was five years before Napster.  Crazy!

Podcast: The Best Radio You Have Never Heard

Kansas and Tori Amos…Steely Dan and Airborne Toxic Event…Rush and the Pixies…they don’t go together, right?  If you’re an active music listener like me it’s exciting to think that someone is crossing genres, eras, and styles to find good music (often obscure or rare) and putting them together in one smooth playlist…then letting us hear it!

Perry Bax is doing a great service to music lovers by finding great music and kicking away the formats…Tori’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ totally deserves to share the stage with Adele.  Too many programmers believe that no one wants to hear a variety of sounds.  I mean…if the song is good…why not place it with other good songs??

Seriously, check out The Best Radio You Have Never Heard and listen online or download to your listening device (…iPod…I know you have one)  It’ll introduce you to music you never knew you liked by giving it context, by surrounded it with other great music.  I’m not a classic rock fan…in the context of this podcast, I love classic rock!


Repetition is no good without a goal.  I kind of realized that this morning.  The last few weeks I’ve been just trying to keep up – the move, the new job, the life – and what I’m doing is just on loop.  The loop can keep going but it’s SO much more interesting if there is context (oooooh!  Today’s theme is context!) and a reason.

Lacking a reason makes me sleepy.  My goal right now…well, I’m not going to tell you, but let’s just say that it has to do with music, and the future!  Everything I do ‘now’ is heading towards this goal.

Do you haver a goal, a context for your music or your creative career?  Hell, for your job?  Have you taken the time to think about how your work and projects relate to everything else?  What did you discover??  Lemme know!


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One Response to “One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Tuesday, June 7th 2011”

  1. Spysatuplink Says:

    *stares at the picture* I don’t get it the riddle… or what I’m looking for exactly. o.O;; Aside from a slight colour mismatch (light blue instead of dark blue at this corner), all I know is that both locations are in central London. Affluent areas, possibly.
    One landmark stands out between those two locations: the Royal Courts of Justice. And the book itself talks about controversies of England’s penal system. Taking a wild stab here at a possibly obvious statement, perhaps the picture is hinting at who’s really pullling the strings of the penal system?

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