Awesome Album Cover Friday: Outside Music

I’m a huge fan of Outsider Music.  The best, boiled-down description is music by people who just HAVE to make music, or are driven to write songs, despite their skills or musical talent.  In some cases, they may not realize they sound…off.  In others, they may not care.  Some are so tied to their music that they can repeat the same (what we would call) mistakes over multiple performances, because in their minds they have it right, and who are we to argue!?

The term ‘Outsider Music’ was coined by music writer Irwin Chusid, and you can learn more about the history of Outsider Music in his amazing book ‘Songs in the Key of Z.’  Head to his website to check it out online!

Some Outsider Musicians are just offbeat, but really are geniuses.

Some perform a piece once that is a work of genius, it is caught on tape, and that’s about the end of it.

All of them have a passion that is unmatched among many…erm…non-Outsiders.

Here is a collection of album covers by some of the most well-known (and some of the not so well-known) outsider musicians.

You know, the more I listen to Outsider Music, I wonder if my early music with the Overgrown Spatulas, or more recently my first solo album, rates as Outsider…and whether or not that is a good thing.

It’s…strange to realize that your might be on the other side of the crazy scale…I’ll let you decide.  If you’re bored (or interested…I should stop assuming you have no interest in clicking a link!), click on either of those links above, and tell me what you think: am I an Outsider Musician cleverly disguised as an artist, or just a guy who has temporary musical insanity??

And there we have it for another week!


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