One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Monday, June 13 2011

Welcome back!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  Are you watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  I am for the first time since high school.  Nax!

I also hit up a party this weekend and DJ’d me a set of Nu Disco (which I’m affectionately calling ‘Roo Disco’…heh…) and if you’d like to listen to it simply click this oddly coloured sentence!  It’s music for your ears if your ears were gaudily dressed dancers!

Anyways, onto the simple Monday blog which requires little thought on my part and even less on yours!

Song: The Wombats: Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)

Freakin’ awesome song from a freakin’ awesome band!  Their first album was practically perfect in every way, and now their second album has clearly been handcrafted with love and devotion.  Honestly, they had me four years ago with their song ‘Songs of Girls and Boys and Marsupials’…and that was just the intro to their album!  Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) is a catchy pop tune with thick synth and a singable chorus.  If you like good songs stuck in your head…PRESS PLAY!!!

Podcast: Bands Under The Radar

In the same vein as last week, a great music podcast that gives you a glimpse into music that you may have heard of but haven’t really…heard!  Or maybe you’ve never even heard of them!  The Boxer Rebellion.  Tapes N’ Tapes.  Boy and Bear.  Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them…they’re all pretty damned good, and BUTR can catch you up!  Also, like TripleJ Unearthed, they have an awesome app!  Check it out! 😀

Also, it helps that Kami is awesome.  Awesome hosts are awesome.


Honestly…my thoughts are everywhere today.  How come good musicians can get totally ignored by the media, and bad musicians can get all the attention (possible answers: the bad musicians have great producers, and MONEY!)  Why is radio still around when TV should’ve killed it years ago?  I mean, TV stole radio’s stars AND pretty much replaced it in the market, yet people continued to listen to the talking box.  If MySpace lost all it’s importance over five years…will Facebook do the same by 2015?

Mostly, I’m thinking about how I want to record three songs by the end of August.  I have at least one written.  I have an older song I want to give a new shot.  But when do I sit down and record them!?

…yup, you’re getting thoughts but no answers today!  I’m putting the thinking in YOUR hands!!

Soooo…what unanswered thoughts do you have today?


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