Awesome Album Covers: IRELAND!

I have sinned.  In a previous post I listed Cork as being in the UK.  I might as well have said Puerto Rico was in Mexico, or Bobcaygeon was in Texas.  Cork is in the republic of IRELAND!  To atone…Ireland is the subject of this week’s awesome album cover blog!!!  Now, not all of these bands are Irish, but there’s an Irish lilt to each one…and if there isn’t…please inform me again.  Maybe I’ll do Ireland Part 2!

Ahhhh...sweet Eoghan (pronounced Owen)...the Bieber of X-Factor!


And my favourite of them all…and the first indie-cassette Irish metal band cover to appear in the blog!

That’s it for this week!  Cya on the flipside…until then, I’m @Potoroo on Twitter! Gimme a hollah!


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One Response to “Awesome Album Covers: IRELAND!”

  1. Rob Says:

    The funny thing about most/several of the covers, is that they are all outdoor, posed shots.
    Classicly cheesy!

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