One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Monday June 20, 2011

Another week, another…wollar!  Tonight I plan on putting up my ‘Tree Song’ (ie. covering a song while in a tree) so keep an eye out for that…though if it goes anything like the last week, I will forget…and will sleep instead.  I’m tired a lot these days, are you?  Here…wake up!


I had the privilege of seeing these guys perform at Cherry Cola for a special showcasey thing last Friday afternoon.  They were introduced as being the band to save rock and roll.  As it pertains to this genre of rock and roll I agree…they rock the fu** out!  As the guitarist said just before the set began, “It’s gonna get loud in here.”


I still firmly believe that to be a music lover one need not only listen to music podcasts…I listen to economics podcasts, podcasts about strange goings on in small towns, and even podcasts that are kind of hoity toity and discuss the media.  WNYC’s On The Media gives an awesome overview of the previous week’s news every Friday and tries to get beyond the headlines…this past week was about the recent string of hack attacks (which isn’t really so much a string, nor recent) and even about how the media changes terminology to redefine something as it’s going on (for instance, how in the Middle East protests can become unrest, then rebellion, then civil war).  Open yer mind!  Understanding everything is the way you can understand anything.


Honestly…this Monday…I am braindead.  My thought is…get more sleep, dude.


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One Response to “One Song, One Podcast, One Thought: Monday June 20, 2011”

  1. Rob Says:

    Love that song! Nice mix of 70’s rock and some of the more contemporary bands, like Wolfmother.
    Great find Roo!

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