I’m Impressed, TV on the Radio!

Considering your name is made up of two ‘old fashioned’ media, you’re pretty forward thinking.

Some people are stuck in the old world of ‘make an album, choose a single, get it on the radio, people will buy your album, and then you tour.’

TV on the Radio have a different approach:

Why not release your ENTIRE album, before it’s on the shelves, as a video.

I don’t mean a video for each song…well, I DO mean that, but remember the cool stuff Michael Jackson and his sister Janet would do, where videos were a long format?  Rhythm Nation 1814 was a movie made up of individual songs from her album, and those sequences also acted as videos for the singles when they were released.  That’s kind of what TV on the Radio is doing here…except it’s more like…

…the entire album…is a video!

When it comes to creative ways to get your songs out there, this is by far the most creative I’ve seen in awhile.  Most people consume their music on YouTube now.  This is the first time I’ve heard of an entire album being made into a long form video and put online, for free!

Sparklehorse (my favourite band) made a video for each song from the album ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ including one by my favourite filmmaker Guy Maddin for the title track.  Now…if only he’d released them somewhere other than the Sundance Channel…maybe someone would have seen them.

Kudos go out to TV on the Radio for their unique way to reach the fanbase and hopefully grab some new fans along the way!


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2 Responses to “I’m Impressed, TV on the Radio!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great post.
    I bought their last album (I’m blanking on the name at the moment), and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t crazy about it at all.
    I haven’t heard any of the new stuff, but, I’m willing to give any artist a second chance.

    • Roo Says:

      I’m always hit and miss with them, but I like their experimental rock sound. The new album (via video) is pretty cool so far…I’ve only given it a listen and a half, though 😉

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