Weird Weird World

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I was at a meeting yesterday for work (belated apologies for my absence in the blog world this week!) and ended up observing just how strange the music world is.  What do the following have in common?

Can’t guess?  Here’s a clue…both artists were at the same meeting, both artists chatted about music and the industry…both artists exchanged ideas about how to make it in this crazy crazy world.

I can’t figure out what was more strange – the world we were discussing, or the world I was observing.

Music isn’t as cut and dry, black and white, genre specific as we make it out to be.  How else can a pop-songwriter from the late 60s, and a hip hop star from the early 90s who has been working hard on his career for two decades, talk shop?  How else can a festival with Neil Young and Eminem work?  How else can the strange collaborations of the years ever have happened?

We sometimes forget that music is a creative process and not a business, and ironically it took a moment in a meeting ‘about’ business to remind me.  Not that I’ve forgotten…just sometimes it’s the picture in front of you that helps make the gallery clearer.

My picture was of Saukrates and Andy Kim chatting about the future of music.

What moments, pictures, or experiences have shocked you into a clearer idea of the industry you work in?


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