One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, July 11 2011


Missed a week!  Hungover!  No excuse!  Wait…that was an excuse…no matter!

SONG: The Sky Drops – Truth Is

One of the great ironies…at least, if we can believe Wikipedia.  Apparently, ‘shoegaze’ as a genre of music peaked in 90-91, and was killed by grunge.  So…why not merge the two?  Granted, My Bloody Valentine and other bands that are ‘shoegazey’ also were pretty grungy, but The Sky Drops actually marries the sounds.   They maintain the etherial distortion while incorporating more audible melodies and chord progressions.

Although I love the texture-based sound of shoegaze, it’s neat to hear it taken to a more focused level.  Or maybe I’m talking out my ass.  You tell me!!

Blog: That’s Funky Awesome

One of my old favourite blogs, Moon Vs. The World, closed down a short while back.  Unlike most blogs that end, however, it’s creator has come back with a new blog and That’s Funky Awesome! With the trademark silliness, plus a new focus on independent artists and interviews, I predict it’ll be one of those great music blogs you’ll want to come back to again and again!  Bookmark it, fools!


Sleep is good.  Like, crazy good.  I decided sleep was an enemy this summer…and I tend to do on occasion, and trimmed what seemed like a manageable piece out: two hours…maybe three on a good night.  Well…after a month or two of that, I was in BAAAAD shape.

I know sleep is good now because I’ve started thinking about things like my own music again.  Up until getting several good night’s sleeps in a row I was more concerned with just getting through the day so I could go home and laze.  Because that’s what I had energy to do.  Laze.

I know, right?

So…if you’re a musician…and serious about your craft…remember this random rhyme I just made up:

I highly suggest you try your best to get some rest!

SEE! Creativity abounds in the well rested!


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