The Edge before The Edge!

I realized this morning that, back in high school…when I was but 14 years old…I told a friend that ‘CFNY used to be a lot better.’  I’m referring to a local station, now known better as The Edge, which plays modern rock and alternative music.  I should also note…it’s the station I listen to most…so clearly I wasn’t that turned off by the station’s musical choices.

It begs the question…has anything ‘ever’ been good?  It always seems to have once been better!  I love 80s movies, and 80s music, yet I’m constantly told that the 80s were a dead period in entertainment.  I love 90s rock, and am also often informed that nothing good came from the 90s.  CFNY is just one in a long stream of ‘once beens’ in the entertainment industry.

I’m sure when the Beatles broke, the majority of people were lamenting the days of Nat King Cole.

What I ‘missed’ was a show I remember listening to (but can’t even remember the name of) that played truly ‘Alternative’ music, including the Jazz Butcher, Tom Waits, and other crazy artists I listened to as a child when everyone else was buying Hi Tek 3 and Young MC albums. (substitute GnR, Randy Travis, or the soundtrack to Cats if you must!)

I now wonder if that show even existed!  I remember listening to it, but it seems so out of sorts for CFNY that I can’t even picture it being aired.

Which begs the question I pose to you: how much of our ‘It used to be much better!’ is wholly imagined and, really, just a comparison to the modern state of entertainment?  CFNY was great in high school…and I still like it now…so why do I feel so compelled every few years to say that a few years ago it was superior to now?!


Remember when I said it pays to listen to podcasts and read blogs that aren’t necessarily ‘music based’ to get a whole picture?  Here’s an example why!

Planet Money discusses ‘The Song of the Summer’ and all that goes into creating a pop hit!  Worth a listen!

There you have it!  …I should really divide these kinds of blogs up and spread them out over days, but sometimes…I just want to give you two cherries on your sundae!









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