Musician? Here…meet Musician!

I’m shocked at how many musicians and artists live in a bubble!  I understand that being a musician is ‘lonely and tortured’ and your best friend is your guitar/drums/bass/self.  But one sure-fire way to improve your chances at getting shows, fans, and potentially ‘paid’ for your art involves breaking that bubble…

…and meeting other artists.

When you meet other artists you open the possibility of getting a show…maybe opening for them, or even playing with them if they’re short an instrument.  You are exposed to different approaches to songwriting or performing.  You may learn a new production technique if the artist is also technologically inclined.  Perhaps you can co-write a song together.

And that’s just creative collaboration…

…you can tap into their fan base!  You can have them share a video of you playing on their Facebook Fan Page and encourage their fans to click ‘Like’ for you too!

…if they get signed, perhaps you can feature on a song (especially if you’re in the urban community) and ride on the coattails of their success!

Or vice versa…you get big, now you have a circle of musical friends to help you get even bigger, and you can offer your coattails to them!

The long and the short of it is…you can’t pay a company to make you famous, and you can’t make money off your music if you’re only playing for friends.  Fans can be shared without very much likelihood of hurting each other…that is, if you steal a client from a company, that company no longer has the client…however, two musicians can have the same fan.

It’s simple math…if you make friends with five musicians in your community, and maybe try to be friends with one or two musicians in surrounding communities…then you just ‘may’ also make friends with their fanbase.  And when you make friends with a fanbase…you start earning that fanbase.

Working with several up-and-coming artists, it’s something I’ve noticed is severely lacking.  But connecting and working with other musicians is probably the most important step a musician can take.

Does this apply to you, even if you aren’t a musician?  How does ‘connecting with likeminded individuals’ improve or hinder your creative process?  Lemme know!!


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