One Song, One Blog, One Thought: Monday, July 18 2011

...because I can...COLLLLLIIIEEEES!

Howdy folks!  Whaddup?  Any weird dreams last night?  Is there such a thing as a ‘normal’ dream?  Am I asking too many questions?  Would you like me to stop now?

SONG: John Butler – Ocean

For those who follow me on Twitter you probably saw that I checked something off my bucket list: I saw John Butler perform Ocean live!  For the uninitiated, John Butler is a folk artist who plays the guitar like the guitar is his bitch.  Mad finger picking skillz, busker turned world tourer, all around awesome music.  Ocean is his ‘Ode to Joy,’ the amazing instrumental piece that any fan is obsessed with.  I should also note…it’s about ten minutes long if not longer…yet he had the crowd cheering and jumping and hollering the whole time.

Thanks to Jay Moon of That’s Funky Awesome blog for bringing me there!

Blog: Mashable

I can’t believe I haven’t noted this one yet!  It’s the first thing I suggest interns check in the morning when coming into work.  It’s the first thing I check when I’m feeling uncreative or out of touch.  It’s the first blog I read when I’m wondering “What’s going on…right now?”

A tech/social media/entertainment blog, Mashable doesn’t really have any loyalties and reports everything with equal vigour.  It’s a great way to find out what you can get up to online, or how to use your favourite online sites better.  It even has special suggestions for bands and their online presence!

(note…the site seems to be down at the time of this blog post, but it should be up soonish!!)


If you like something…do it!

I’m a semi-procrastinator.  I’m really bad for skipping doing things I know I like to do for one reason or another: it’ll get in someone else’s way, it’ll take time away from ‘important’ work, it’ll result in me getting tired and sleepy and sore.

Don’t matter…do it!  I love biking, I’ve been biking more recently, feels good!  Almost biked 100 km last week!  Want to beat that record this week!

I love guitar playing and performing…haven’t done it in a long time.  I should start doing it again, eh?

Make a list!  Three things you love doing!  Do ’em this week!  It’ll do you good!

…sleep…I also like sleep…I should get me some of that.


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  1. Awais Khatri Says:

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  2. Chatroulette Says:

    great way to find out what you can get up to online, or how to use your favourite online sites better

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