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Snakadaktal – Triple J’s Unearthed High winner!

August 23, 2011

Check this out…Snakadaktal (I say their name like I know who they are, but I don’t, so don’t worry…I’m not hipstering you) won Triple J’s Unearthed High contest.  This means that this band IS IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Why doesn’t Canada have a contest like this?  Check the music out…Chimera is pretty awesome.  I dunno if it competes with Overgrown Spatulas, my high school band…kidding…

I would like to see something like that come to this country on a national scale.  I would do it myself but I don’t have the money or tech savvy needed to do it!

If anyone would like to start up a contest and site like this, I’m happy to help out!  In the meantime, I’ll keep adoring Australia’s independent talent!


Quick Vids for a Friday

August 19, 2011

I’ll get back to album covers, logos, and all those nice ‘listy’ things next week.  For now…some quick vids to brighten the end of your week!


I’ve recently discovered a love for Ragtime, and am reading a pretty heavy book on the subject.  For those who don’t like old music, here’s an intro to ragtime for you!  Including probably the first historical record of a Ragtime Rick Roll!


An amazing film I saw at the old space thanks to Mr. Instinct Jeremy Von Hollen.  Just watch…and realize that this isn’t camera trickery, it’s editing trickery!!!


Following Move, another brain blower…this one is by the fine folks at Radiolab who I plug as often as I can.  If you focus…and actually take in everything you’re seeing…it’s pretty insane.  First time I saw it so many ideas were going through my head it was like I was tapping into the other 99% of my brain…yes…I only use 1%…


…choreography…also, awesome pop song.  Don’t like J-Pop?  Watch anyways!! 😀

Observations and Suggestions Part 1

August 18, 2011

Just a quick list of things I’ve noticed throughout the music world that I offer a suggestion to fix…it may not need fixing, actually…let’s say ‘suggestions for improvement.’  I’m in no way an expert or an important person.  Just a guy who thinks about this kind of stuff.

  • Waiting too long: Artists…always keep working.  Write songs, record, play live.  I find that people are caught off guard when success shows up…and little successes lead to big ones.  Have a plan, but also be ready to start working hard.  I’m not saying rush things…just don’t wait too long.  It shouldn’t take five years from the first time you appear on a podcast to actually releasing an album with that song.
  • Blend Traditional And New!  Have a podcast?  Great!  Write a blog? Perfect!  Releasing all your music online?  Spiffy!  Are you promoting your podcast in the local weekly or daily paper?  Looking into dropping some dough on a radio spot?  Sure, it costs money where blogging and podcasting and uploading to Bandcamp do not, but you’ll get more reach (and more fans??!) if you blend traditional with new media and actually…again…have a plan!!!
  • Don’t EVER pay for followers!  It’s dumb.  It looks dumb too.  You go from 1,000 Facebook Fans to 5,000…but they’re all fake.  The number of comments on your page don’t increase.  No one posts photos of themselves in your t-shirt.  You officially have higher numbers and look like a superstar, but it’s easy to tell that it was faked, because none of these new fans seem to want to interact with you…which just seems odd to me.
  • Remember: It’s all about the song.  In the end, the song is what matters.  Not the video, your hair, or the web design.  Write good songs.


August 12, 2011

Growing up, it wasn’t a huge major-label group that inspired me to start a rock band.  When I started in music, I did goofy stuff with my friends Mother Jason and Ryan McLarnon.  It was all very…outsidery.  Very weird stuff.  Four track experiments really.

And then I heard Wendal…and saw them live.

I wanted to be in a rock band!!

It helped that the lead singer and guitarist was Ryan McLarnon’s brother, Jef.  It also helped that I knew the other members of the band…that they were all from my tiny hometown of Erin…

And it helped that the songs were fricken’ catchy, tight, and somehow managed to capture a sound that I could only possibly describe as ‘Erin in the early 90s.’  Maybe it’s just for me.  Maybe it’s all about my personal, subjective experience.  Who cares…the music is amazing, unique, and FUN!


I highly suggest you listen to Admit, Joe and So Clever…then go back and listen to Not Pretending Grey, Jangle in G and River Red…then go back and listen to everything.

Click Here to listen to Wendal on CBC Radio 3.

PS. Like my two high school bands, Brillohead and Overgrown Spatulas, Wendal didn’t really take the time to take pictures of themselves. In the modern age, I’m sure things have changed a bit and people are more able to snap pics – cells, cheap digital, etc. Please, if you’re an artist, take the time every couple of months to take a few pics of yourself or your band…get people to snap pics at shows and share them on Facebook or just send them to you. If you can, film some rehearsals, some songwriting sessions, some shows. Trust me…you’ll regret it fifteen years later when you want to look back and can’t.

Summer Slowdown!

August 3, 2011

Whoa! What just happened? Is it August? When did August happen!? What the stupid?!

Soooo…it appears a summer speed-up in life has resulted in a summer slow-down on the blog! I’m still here, I’m still eager, I’m just having trouble finding time to post!

I’m deciding that I’ll be ‘microblogging’ myself a bit for the next little while. Expect short bursts rather than long articles for the next bit. Maybe I’ll just post a video, or a song, or a photo with a caption…or maybe just a thought or an observation!

When things slow back down, I’ll get back to the real real stuff, and cut back on the play play!

Also…my banner broke…what’s up with that?!