Summer Slowdown!

Whoa! What just happened? Is it August? When did August happen!? What the stupid?!

Soooo…it appears a summer speed-up in life has resulted in a summer slow-down on the blog! I’m still here, I’m still eager, I’m just having trouble finding time to post!

I’m deciding that I’ll be ‘microblogging’ myself a bit for the next little while. Expect short bursts rather than long articles for the next bit. Maybe I’ll just post a video, or a song, or a photo with a caption…or maybe just a thought or an observation!

When things slow back down, I’ll get back to the real real stuff, and cut back on the play play!

Also…my banner broke…what’s up with that?!


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One Response to “Summer Slowdown!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Summer sucks that way, doesn’t it.
    I have LITERALLY forced myself some days to get something done.
    I have noticed that the quality of my 5 for Friday has decresed (some of it has to do with my new job, where I work til 5pm on friday ever week. I used to get off at 3, or sometimes even 1).
    I don’t miss the winter, but I long for the lazy days that happen in those winter months.

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