Observations and Suggestions Part 1

Just a quick list of things I’ve noticed throughout the music world that I offer a suggestion to fix…it may not need fixing, actually…let’s say ‘suggestions for improvement.’  I’m in no way an expert or an important person.  Just a guy who thinks about this kind of stuff.

  • Waiting too long: Artists…always keep working.  Write songs, record, play live.  I find that people are caught off guard when success shows up…and little successes lead to big ones.  Have a plan, but also be ready to start working hard.  I’m not saying rush things…just don’t wait too long.  It shouldn’t take five years from the first time you appear on a podcast to actually releasing an album with that song.
  • Blend Traditional And New!  Have a podcast?  Great!  Write a blog? Perfect!  Releasing all your music online?  Spiffy!  Are you promoting your podcast in the local weekly or daily paper?  Looking into dropping some dough on a radio spot?  Sure, it costs money where blogging and podcasting and uploading to Bandcamp do not, but you’ll get more reach (and more fans??!) if you blend traditional with new media and actually…again…have a plan!!!
  • Don’t EVER pay for followers!  It’s dumb.  It looks dumb too.  You go from 1,000 Facebook Fans to 5,000…but they’re all fake.  The number of comments on your page don’t increase.  No one posts photos of themselves in your t-shirt.  You officially have higher numbers and look like a superstar, but it’s easy to tell that it was faked, because none of these new fans seem to want to interact with you…which just seems odd to me.
  • Remember: It’s all about the song.  In the end, the song is what matters.  Not the video, your hair, or the web design.  Write good songs.

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