Quick Vids for a Friday

I’ll get back to album covers, logos, and all those nice ‘listy’ things next week.  For now…some quick vids to brighten the end of your week!


I’ve recently discovered a love for Ragtime, and am reading a pretty heavy book on the subject.  For those who don’t like old music, here’s an intro to ragtime for you!  Including probably the first historical record of a Ragtime Rick Roll!


An amazing film I saw at the old space thanks to Mr. Instinct Jeremy Von Hollen.  Just watch…and realize that this isn’t camera trickery, it’s editing trickery!!!


Following Move, another brain blower…this one is by the fine folks at Radiolab who I plug as often as I can.  If you focus…and actually take in everything you’re seeing…it’s pretty insane.  First time I saw it so many ideas were going through my head it was like I was tapping into the other 99% of my brain…yes…I only use 1%…


…choreography…also, awesome pop song.  Don’t like J-Pop?  Watch anyways!! 😀


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