Snakadaktal – Triple J’s Unearthed High winner!

Check this out…Snakadaktal (I say their name like I know who they are, but I don’t, so don’t worry…I’m not hipstering you) won Triple J’s Unearthed High contest.  This means that this band IS IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Why doesn’t Canada have a contest like this?  Check the music out…Chimera is pretty awesome.  I dunno if it competes with Overgrown Spatulas, my high school band…kidding…

I would like to see something like that come to this country on a national scale.  I would do it myself but I don’t have the money or tech savvy needed to do it!

If anyone would like to start up a contest and site like this, I’m happy to help out!  In the meantime, I’ll keep adoring Australia’s independent talent!


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