How Does Fate Decide?!?

Hey all!  Back from my crazy break…which isn’t really a break…but kinda is…hard to describe!  Imagine going to the Canadian wilderness for a week, staying at a rustic summer camp overlooking the tree line, past a beautiful lake.  Archery, wall climbing, canoes, dances, three square meals a day…beautiful!  Oh yah…and being the person who gets yelled at if anything goes wrong.  VACATION!!!  I may tell you more about it if you want!

My life becomes a haze during the ‘pre,’ ‘event’ and ‘post’ periods…there’s a fog of desperate organization.  Things that don’t matter the other 50 weeks of the year are suddenly the most important things in the world.  Oh god…did we buy enough pop to sell for 50 cents?!  Did the Rubbermaid full of paper get to the little hut nestled in the trees before the campers did??!  Did we spell everyone’s name right on the little name cards?  Did a hurricane interrupt another flight or are we in the clear?!

Needless to say…I’m chill now…as chill as I can get.

I’m curious, though, how fate decides who gets fucked.

By all the numbers, the silly camp I help run should’ve been total chaos, but this year (despite the vestigial stress from previous years) it was very smooth.  No problems.  Everyone was happy.  Even got to hop in a canoe this year!

Meanwhile, an artist I work with just released a song and the fans are slamming it!  A song he’s spent years honing, spent a good deal of time building with an intensive and well-thought out strategy.  A song *I* think is pretty damned cool.

The die hards, though…they don’t like it.  And they’re being VERY vocal.

Maybe ‘Fate’ is the wrong term.  How can you predict that your hard work will pay off?

Answer…seems you can’t anymore.  If you have money behind you the prediction becomes a bit easier, but then again have you heard Rihanna’s song ‘Man Down’?  I only heard it in a podcast talking about ‘The Song of the Summer’ which discussed the immense cost of producing the track, as was the fact that no one knew the song existed…some other song that had the support of millions of…dollars…would probably become number one.

Even with a big budget, you can’t guarantee success.  You may have more success than someone without a penny, but bought success isn’t quite the same as real success.

How ‘can’ you tell if two years of work will pay off…how can you be sure that one month of hard work will pay off just as well?  Are two years of smart work compared to one month of hard work the same?

Does anyone out there have any ideas?  I’d love to hear ’em!

Anywhoo…I’m back!  Sorry I was gone!  I’ll never do it again!!


5 Responses to “How Does Fate Decide?!?”

  1. donnafullman Says:

    I have many ideas about fate and hard graft. But firstly WELCOME BACK! You did good. Lives were made better by your efforts. I’m sure of it. That will not determine your fate though! ha! That’s the joke. You just have to do the best with what you have. Integrity is far more valuable than budget, as is authenticity. This much I know. When you let go of ‘why me’ you get to ‘why not?’ it’s a fascinating journey being human. Stay Cool X

  2. Ger Gilmore Says:

    Hey dude…where in Canada were ya? I’m living in Toronto at present…some great countryside to explore here!!

  3. Rob Says:

    Interesting thoughts…
    I am sure you can’t say, but I am interested what artist it is that is getting ripped.
    It’s always tough for a fan when an artist changes. Whether it is REAL change, or perceived change.
    Having said that, it never makes it right to rip on an artist (especially if it is one you have liked for a long time.) Look at Bowie…that man changed styles as often as he changed hair styles & colour.

    Oh, by the way…GREAT to have you back!

    • Roo Says:

      Heeeee, wouldn’t you like to know Rob 😉 I’ll letcha know if things swing back to the ‘Positive’ side.

      It’s definitely a hit and miss situation when artist’s change. If it’s a ‘Radiohead’ getting experimental the die-hard ‘Bends’ fans may get upset, but the ‘hipsters’ get excited. If it’s a Bowie going disco, it’s like the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction: from experimental to pop. In one case it’s considered an artist growing. The other, an artist selling out. In both cases, I figure the artist is growing depending on their motivations, but going ‘pop’ after years of being underground isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Pop ‘means’ popular, so maybe a musician’s songwriting is becoming more mainstream?

      I ramble 😉 Personally, I believe it should always come back to the song. If the song rocks, who cares 😉 I love Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night.’ I also love Neon Indian (today’s blog subject!) I like them both because they write good songs 😉

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