Band I Am Loving: Neon Indian

I fell in love with this band the second I heard this track.  It’s ‘true’ throwback…makes me actually think it’s from the ‘good’ 80s.  It doesn’t sound like a rip off…or even like an homage…it sounds like these guys were lifted from the 80s and dropped in modern day (a feeling I also get when I listen to Futurecop!)

On top of that, they have the most AMAZING deluxe package I’ve ever seen a band offer: you get the vinyl for the new album Era Extraña, CD, poster, t-shirt…and an ANALOG SYNTH!

If I had the cash…they’d have it…so instead I’ll try to convince one or two of my readers to send them the dough they deserve!

Good job, guys!

EDIT: Before posting this, a friend at work was looking through what we thought were Hip Hop blogs and found Neon Indian featured on a site, with my FAVOURITE track by them as the stream to listen to.  Check it out here on Che Sing The Cool: Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow) is a track that totally makes me think we’re in the GOOD 80s again!!!


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