Get Drunk or Go Home

Gay-r Force Ones...this is TOTALLY my kind of shoe! 😀

OK…this is a bit of a vanity post…and I apologize…but it was very cool.

Yesterday I had another one of those ‘surreal experiences’ that can only happen in the entertainment industry:

  • At a screening for a Nike commercial and documentary on Air Force 1’s
  • I was there because an artist we work with wrote the music for the commercial
  • The commercial features PK Subban, a hockey player for the Canadiens
  • Met PK Subban
  • Event was DJ’d by DJ Jazzy Jeff…who KILLED!  He was tight
  • Eventually Jeff stepped aside to let…Russell Peters DJ the rest of the night
Hockey meets Film meets Hip Hop meets Schmooze Fest…
Did I learn anything?  Well…I learned a lot about shoes and culture (which coincides with my philosophy that you should learn about EVERYTHING because it is ALL relevant), I learned that it’s very easy to get drunk when there’s an open bar, and I also learned that the most unlikely people can have something in common with you:
  • Chatted with a graphic designer who has worked in the hip hop community for years, we had a lot in common…
  • Chatted with a label exec who used to be HEAVY into Magic The Gathering cards…I wasn’t into it, but I totally get the geek thing
  • Chatted with a musician who is over ten years younger than me but is on the same page with me about the importance of performance and interaction with fans
…and I may have a track coming along down the pipe where I’m collaborating with a hip hop artist…
Why am I telling you this?  Because sometimes the basic facts of the situation are more interesting than a message…DJ Jazzy Jeff?!?!  Crazy…
PS…the movie was AMAZING!  I highly recommend it.  Here’s a trailer!

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