Rolling Stone’s ‘Worst of the 90s’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt...among the best of the 90s...RAWR!!!

Rolling Stone Magazine has released a fan-created list of the worst songs of the 90s. It’s voted on by readers, so I’m not gonna diss it, but I have some quick thoughts.  You can check out the multimedia display on their site…or read the list here:

10. 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up
9. Right Said Fred, I’m Too Sexy
8. Baha Men, Who Let the Dogs Out
7. Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On
6. Hanson, MMMBop
5. Chumbawamba, Tubthumping
4. Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby
3. Billy Ray Cyrus, Achy Breaky Heart
2. Los Del Rio, Macarena
1. Aqua, Barbie Girl

Some very good choices here.  But I have to disagree with some.  And many will probably shock and amaze you!

RIGHT SAID FRED:  This song…I’m sorry…rocked!  At high school dances (especially video dances) EVERYONE loved this song, even the dudes in AC/DC shirts.  Maybe its just my perspective, but of everything on this list, I’m Too Sexy is probably the most memorable.

CHUMBAWAMBA:  Another amazing song…a drinking song before I knew what drinking was!  Well, I knew what it was, but had yet to be pulled into it’s wet, loving, stinky embrace.  It’s a well-written pop song!  It has a catchy hook, and an awesome ‘Ditty’…and when I saw them live on TV the girl played the trumpet and WAILED.

I have a borderline offensive opinion on Vanilla Ice, which I won’t recite here…but I don’t think Vanilla Ice was ‘really’ all that bad.

Look through the list.  Only one victor remains relevant today – Celine – and she’s also the one with the mega voice.  Billy Ray has a well-known daughter…Aqua played a beerfest in Toronto recently (a queer beer fest…hee hee)…Hanson has paid their dues and proven they have talent.

The only reason I’d consider anyone ‘the worst’ is if they were wholly fabricated.  If they were a corporate creation.  I can’t honestly tell you if any of these people were…Baha Men maybe, perhaps even Right Said Fred…but if these were all people who wrote a song and got the attention of the world, were they really the worst?  The fact that in 2011 we’re still talking about them AND can probably sing each song from start to finish means that they actually have done pretty well for themselves.

Will today’s one hit wonders and unexpected #1s suffer the same fate?  We’ll see, I guess!


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