Laziness Deserves Rebirth

Before I even start this blog…doesn’t that title sound like a metal band that didn’t quite get how band names work?

I’m constantly trying to find cool projects to work on…I’ve started various one-off blogs, I tried some Twitter accounts for comedic effect, a ‘Word Association’ game online…they all fizzle out.  When I peaked at 25 readers and dropped to 5 it became hard to motivate myself.

Back in 2002, however, I was motivated by no other incentive than to continue a storyline, and was pumping out first 5, then 3, comic strips a week.

…oh yah, did I not mention I used to do a webcomic?

From 2002 to 2005, I drew a comic called “Ignorance Deserves Death” about a hero (anti-hero?) who wakes up in front of a cracked mirror, with amnesia, and also the uncontrollable need to kill people who ignorant.  He befriends a raven, works in a coffee shop, goes to the local bar…everywhere he turns, people are ignorant, but for some reason he gets away with blowing their brains out.

I drew about 300 strips before it fizzled out, around the time I was on my second or third job in Toronto and was falling deeeeeeply into debt.  I had also painted myself into a corner with the storyline…other creatives may be able to relate: I had made a decision that completely changed the world my characters lived in, and it was a neat change at first, but eventually I wanted to go back to the old world…but it was too late.

Of all my projects – music, theatre, blogs – this, I.D.D., is the one that people bring up.  “I miss that comic strip!”  The other day, someone saw a stick figure drawing (…did I mention that I.D.D. was a dynamic stick figure strip?) and was reminded of I.D.D.

I had hundreds of readers each day.  More people read my strip than heard my music, by far.

…and that just gives me the itch.  It’s like an encore…I’m backstage, my work (I thought) is done…but there’s chanting.  Mind you, intermittent chanting by a few people, but it’s still chanting.  It’s a ‘pull.’  I also found these…

Next year is the 10th anniversary of the start of the comic.  Don’t bother trying to find it online, it was pulled in 2007 when I failed to pay the service provider.  I have all the strips in a box, however.  I could start rescanning them, or maybe find the old scans on my computer, and start from the beginning again while figuring out how to resolve problem that stopped it all.

…but maybe it’s time to go back and revisit an old project…

Do you have any old projects that you’ve been wanting to finish, or revisit, or share?  A high school band recording you could upload to Bandcamp or Soundcloud?  Old art you did in university to put online for people to see, or a story you wrote as a kid?  Are you going to do it??  Let me know!



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2 Responses to “Laziness Deserves Rebirth”

  1. Nevwyn Says:

    *starts up a chant*

    Actually I went looking for the strip about a month ago and was sad when I realized it was gone as I had a couple people I wanted to show it too.

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