The Casby’s

Hit the CASBY’s last night.  Some quick brain thoughts:

  • USS is really fun live
  • The Sheepdogs are really popular…is there a hippy resurgence on the way?
  • I’m gonna miss Meatus
  • The CASBY’s started in 1981!!!
  • I work for a neat company…since our artist’s swept the awards (minus the whole ‘Edge Session’ thingy)
  • Award Shows are…weird…
I’ve now been to the Indies, The Junos and the Casbys.  I must say…the Indies are so far my favourite, but the Casbys had a lot more raw energy and came across more as a fan-based event (which they are) than the Indies, which felt very corporate.  The Junos were the most amazing presentation…but felt like it would’ve been better to watch at home.
Have you ever been to an award show?  What did you think??

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2 Responses to “The Casby’s”

  1. Ger Gilmore Says:

    I was at it too, but was mostly getting drunk!!

  2. Spysatuplink Says:

    I’ve worked for an organization that has televised award shows. Really just takes the glamour away from it all when doing all the nitty gritty. >.<

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