Music Monday: my Favourite tragedy’s new video: “Like This”

Every so often an awesome video comes across my desk at work.  I’ve seen lots of fun videos, some that really need a bit more work, but very few have a strong artistic visual feel to accompany the audio.  My Favourite Tragedy’s “Like This” does just that.

And I’m not just a fan because of the two cute gay boys that feature in the narrative. (and full disclosure, it’s also not because I work with these guys…at the company I’m with we only choose artists we enjoy and want to support, not because they’re waving Queenies in our face)

Queenies: I would like this to become a thing

I love the concept that music is the great equalizer, and this video exemplifies the idea.  Genre, labels, and the whole industry is too divisive.  Breaking people up into ‘types’ sucks…in the end, it has nothing to do with the kind of music, it has to do with the song.  A good song is a bridge between genres and tastes.

I hope you all agree with me!  Please check this video out and tell me whether or not you like the track and the beautiful visuals that accompany it!


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