Josh Pyke – Only Sparrows

Three songs in, it’s already my favourite of 2011.  But I’m biased: I love everything this guy releases.  It has the same songwriting power – hooky yet sad – with lyrics that mean something…read that again, slowly…lyrics    that     MEAN    something.

I once included Josh’s song ‘Middle of the Hill’ in a discussion at school about the ‘Well Written Song.’  The instructor agreed with me!  It’s a great listen, tells a wonderful story, and ties everything back to a relatable concept.  He talks about his life while talking about yours at the same time.

It may not yet beat 2008’s ‘Chimney’s Afire‘ but that album totally destroyed me and I’m still gay for it.  But I can be gay for two albums, right?  It helps Josh is a cutie.


I won’t tell you what to think, but I do highly suggest you give Josh a try if you’ve never heard of him before.  The album is streaming on Groove Shark!  Check it out here!


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4 Responses to “Josh Pyke – Only Sparrows”

  1. Aniki Geelong Says:

    Nice music :3 loved it.

    guy’s cutie too, but that’s unrelated though

  2. Rob Says:

    Cool find Roo.
    And I’ll tell ya, he is a good lookin’ fella.
    Lucky bastard…talent and looks. Some guys get all the luck 😦

    • Roo Says:

      I know, right? Sometimes I wonder if the ’80s teen movie’ reality is true…if you have good looks you get away with things easier in life 😉 I wonder if Josh cruised through high school, which his teachers whispering answers to him during exams, so he could spend his nights playing guitar and practicing 😉

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