I have no money, and want people to hear my new song…

...you could use your album title to send a message!!!

Quick Blog…but here are some quick things you can do:

  • Give it away for free: use Bandcamp or Soundcloud
  • Set a Facebook event on your Fan Page, or an email campaign set to direct people to the song at the same time on the same day (for instance: ‘Share my new song, Friday at Noon)
  • Get friends and other musicians to share a link on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere
That last one is your best bet to success…if a musician shares your song to their fanbase it’s like a friend telling you that something is great: it’s word of mouth…digitally.
Another quick thing you can do…
…look into blogs that play your genre of music…contact them with the mp3, or a YouTube video link…maybe they’ll be nice enough to help ya out!
*wink wink*

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