Sarah Vaughan for a Rainy Day

It’s autumn.  It’s rainy.  That means it’s cold, drizzly, overcast…a bummer.

If you were a teen in high school in the 80s and bummed out, you probably listened to The Cure or The Smiths.

I swear that Sarah Vaughan was the cure in her time (ooooh, deliberately left uncapitalized to represent double-entendre!!!)

Sarah Vaughan, pre-chanelling Robert Smith?

Today I’m listening to Sarah Vaughan because the day has forced my hand.  I’ve also discovered Groove Shark thanks to some people forcing me to check it out.  It’s pretty nifty, especially since Spotify, Pandora, and pretty much every other awesome music service isn’t available in Canada.

You can click here and go straight to a playlist I’ve made of Sarah Vaughan’s most…autumn rainy music.


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