Thanks to xkcd for the perfect memorial!

How many people can say they changed the world.  Despite your allegiances, it’s impossible to say that Steve Jobs had no lasting effect on society.  He changed the definition of ‘mouse.’  He put a jukebox in our pocket…and then changed the jukebox into a super computer.

He started a company that was big, then small, then big again.  Like…real big.

If you’re reading this then you’re online, and if you’re online you know that Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc, former CEO of Pixar, and creative mind passed away yesterday at the age of 56.  Since this blog owes a lot to Macs, I figure a quick write-up on what Steve Jobs meant to me is alright!

I became a Mac enthusiast (I wouldn’t say fan boy…that assumes I can actually afford most products!) when I realized that the previous ten years of my computer-driven life.  I spent more time on my first Mac in fourteen days than I had on my PC the previous two years.  And we aren’t talking a new Mac…it was an old timer my man got for me.

My first Mac...originally released in 1998, discontinued in 2003...picked up by me around 2005

Now, I have an iPhone, iPod and iMac.  I got the iPhone for $27 (thanks Fidobucks!), the iPod for $130 (it’s a classic), and my man got me the iMac when I realized I needed something more powerful to work with.  I plan on sticking with it until the company goes stupid, at which case I’ll consider other options.

But this isn’t a commercial for Mac.  It’s about Steve.  Probably the only businessey-type-dude that I truly appreciate, despite claims of ego mania or the usual mudslinging.  He did something that no one else has…

…he made me comfortable with technology.  I’m no Luddite (I work in digital marketing, for chissakes!) but I get very frustrated with technology.  Remember those PCs I was talking about?  A decade of pain?  I could NEVER understand why my computer didn’t do what I thought it should.

Why was it so painful to get a program onto the magic box and then have it do what I thought it should…do what I was told it could do?  My stress levels were ALWAYS high.  Even just using a word processor sometimes stressed me out.

Maybe it’s the design, maybe it’s the simplicity…maybe it’s the opium they spray in my face every fifteen minutes from the keyboard…but Macs calm me down.  I ‘enjoy’ doing the work on them.  When I’m working on something that is stressful and annoying it doesn’t matter…I enjoy the process.

Some of my friends enjoy the process of working with Linux, being able to work in the ‘basement’ and have complete control.  Many of them say the difference between Mac and Linux is that you control a Linux system, whereas a Mac controls you.

I prefer to think of it as symbiosis: a Mac reads my mind and knows what I want, and then does that.    …sym-cybernet-osis?

My career, my hobbies, my entertainment, my social life, my communication…I owe the vast majority of it to the decisions made by one man in Cupertino, California.

Thanks, Steve.

P.S.  Mashable has a great little page featuring President Obama’s statement on Steve Jobs’ death.  Some folks may not like Obama for his policies, but I like the way the man talks fo’ sho’!


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