Vanity Post!

I’ve been busy recently working on various projects, from music based to getting started on a history of the Toronto Furry community (…shut up…) and more!!  To be randomly and uncharacteristically vain, here are a few things I’ve been doing over the last 12 months to help musicians get a bit of exposure.


Micah Barnes is a singer, performer, and coach.  He recently released a new album and was looking for ways to draw attention…I thought it would be fun to draw from his vocal coaching experience and do a short series of videos with warm up exercises for singers!  And every class needs a sidekick…sooooo…

Take Me To The Pilot – Show Vid:

I have officially seen TMTTP more often than any other band, except maybe Wendal, in my life.  The guys are great, they put on a fun show, and they let me annoy them backstage with my camera!  Here’s the vid I made for their show in Hamilton earlier this year:

Lynzie Kent’s ‘Tune Talk Tuesday’:

I can’t take credit for the name, but I held the camera, put it together, and helped give it ‘Spahhhhh-kle.’  An ongoing series of videos describing the songs on her recent album release and giving a short sample of the song:

Najuah VPK:

A VPK is a ‘Video Press Kit’ or basically an introduction to the band through visuals, hearing some music, and getting an idea of the background.  I filmed the interview sequences and edited this baby…probably the most complicated thing I’ve done thus far!

Dale Speaking Guitar Contest and Moving Vlogs:

I like having fun, so when we decided to do some video blogs for the company, I wanted in on the action!  Here are the two I’ve done so far, the first for a guitar contest we ran, the second to document our recent move and office!

There you have it!  My first, and hopefully last, vanity post!  Now…to get back to stuff that has nothing to do with me 😉


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