Soda Pop Graveyard

All my favourite drinks go away…and if you’ll forgive going a touch Lefsetzy for a moment, I feel this has a correlation with music as well.  You see…a lot of artists are loved HARDCORE by a few people.  If you’re indie that can be fine (though I have NO clue how an indie artist deals with popularity in some place they can’t drive to!) but if you’re on a label…it’s probably the shelf for you (or the garbage can).

And these soft drinks…they were my favourites, and they were on a ‘major label’ (ie. corporation) so they were destined for destruction early on.


Oh my lord did I love this beverage.  As a kid I would guzzle it…it was my ‘Coke’ or ‘Pepsi.’  I wouldn’t even have to think about what to drink when I got to the Beckers downtown (…yes…there was really only one convenience store…well, Jug City, but it was on the other side of town, like…two minutes walk from Beckers!)

For those who don’t remember or were never lucky enough to try it…Tahiti Treat was like a carbonated fruit punch, and when it was ice cold it was like carbonated CRACK!  It was sweet…a reddish hue…and delicious.

And it quietly disappeared…unlike most other drinks, I didn’t even notice it was going away.  Wikipedia says it’s still around but I haven’t seen one in a decade.

This, alas…was the first soft drink that I ever loved and lost… *sniff*


Surge was a beverage I associate with my independence.  WHAAA? you say?  It’s a long story…the short of it is I drove to Maryland in 1997 to visit a friend I’d made on the net, and he introduced me to Surge…also to Sparklehorse, but that’s another story!

Like a citrusy shot of speed straight to the main vain: it was refreshing, delicious, and full of caffeine.  I would actually honestly say I became brand loyal the second I sipped it and still am to this day.

Surge is a strange beast…an internet campaign actually brought it back, as Vault, but…it just wasn’t the same.  I used to drive to New York State to buy Surge…I didn’t even walk to the dollar store to buy Vault.


C2 was like Classic Coke cut with soda water so it wasn’t so sweet that you could feel the sugar converting to grain in your teeth and grinding them away slowly.  It was like Coke but…not.

It was C2 that taught me that my favourite drinks would never be around for long. Immense soda-joy is fleeting.  I would buy four cases at a time if I ever found it, which we did for my summer camp the last year it was sold.

It was C2 that showed me that things change, become new, and go away much faster than I realized before.  It was around for about two years…Surge was around for six…and this next one…it lasted a summer…




I called this ‘Retro Pepsi’ for the longest time because that’s the name in French!  I never liked Pepsi that much…until I tried this version.  I’ve been drinking it all summer, because I knew it was a ‘limited’ thing before I even saw that written on the can…I knew it because I liked it, and nothing I like to drink was made to stick around.

Throwback Pepsi is to Pepsi as C2 was to Coke…they are just better tasting versions of the original.  They don’t have the over-sweet taste that the ‘classics’ do.

Just last night I found a shop that still has some…and I’ve been mentally cataloguing other shops that do so I know where to go if I am craving it.  I can go downtown, or way up north, or…well, that’s it…I’ve found two places that still carry it.

I have a bottle in my fridge right now.

What is all this about?  I dunno…I thought it would be neat to look at all the soft drinks that have come and gone in my life…it’s strange that something mass produced and released can find a niche audience, just in time for it to get pulled from the shelves.

I also find it interesting ‘why’ they release these drinks.  Honestly, think of anything other than a ‘diet’ version that’s lasted?  Cherry and Vanilla flavours come and go, Lemon and Lime were popular for a little bit there, making a dark drink clear or adding a bonus flavour will stick around for a  year before it’s quietly taken away.

The companies want to keep us interested…but don’t want to keep making specialty flavours.  And it happens with everything: my favourite fabric softener was a special edition that lasted a month or two then was gone!

And it’s not like music…you can’t really keep it around like an album.  Sure, it’s sad the band isn’t playing live anymore, but you may have a recording or video to watch.  You can’t drink a ten year old can of Surge (…which I have at home, by the way)

I guess what I’m getting at is…things can be fleeting.  Don’t miss opportunities if you KNOW you like something.  Drink that C2, catch that act live, write that story…

…yah, I just tried to turn a blog about discontinued pop into a motivational message…yah…


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3 Responses to “Soda Pop Graveyard”

  1. Thadius Says:

    Regan era pepsi for the win!

  2. Rob Says:

    I am drawing a blank on one of my favourites. I think it may still exist…

    AHA….it came to me.
    Does that still exist?

    Great post Roo…love it!

  3. coke codes Says:

    coke codes…

    […]Soda Pop Graveyard « Under the Pink[…]…

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