Potoroo’s Bazaar Returns to CFRU…One Day Only…

This past Sunday was a blast, revisiting the old CFRU station where I had a radio show for close to four years!  The show was called ‘Potoroo’s Bazaar’ and showcased oddball, offbeat, quirky and fun songs…the stuff I listened to college radio to catch!

The booth was different – instead of the blue beast it was more of a mangeable silver beast for the board – but the vinyl library hasn’t changed, nor has the CD library, and the happy on-air feeling came back pretty quickly!  I went through some classics in the first hour, and got into some new greats in the second…at least, that’s what I planned!  The show went by quickly!

I haven’t listened to it yet, but the show is available online…if you’d like to check it out, here’s how!

Head to CFRU.ca, go to the archive and click October 23rd’s 3:00 and 4:00 shows…

…or otherwise…click the following two links to go directly to the hour-long slots:

Potoroo’s Bazaar from 3 to 4

Potoroo’s Bazaar from 4 to 5


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